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My Favorite Kitchen Garden…

In The Netherlands in the town of Lisse stands a famous  castle named 


translation:  Kitchengarden 

where each year  millions of visitors enjoy the beauty of spring.

I thought it would be nice to post a YouTube video about it.

 I hope that you will enjoy it.

More about Keukenhof on their link:

Click on a flag to view the website in your language of choice.

Video here below



Song of the Spring Bulbs…

All over the world we bulbs happily grow

In spring when the wind blows

Gently or with a forceful blow

We swing elegantly back and fro.


Our tiny hearts who take much in stride

 During wintry days and freezing nights

Burst open wide in joy and pride

As we in spring are cradled by sunlight.


Each spring we have a jolly good time

When our dazzling season ends we chime

Keep well…It will be swell 

To see y’all again next spring time!

*By Gypsy Joy*


What would you like to do with a big rock buried deep in your garden?

Don’t you just love this sight with all its old stone charm?

I like to create gardens, small and large, around the house with here and there some rocks and stones being placed throughout the gardens or found at the same place where I am trying to plant a shrub. To my amazement a big rock was in the way.  I wondered if my  new found treasure perhaps had been waiting for a long time to be discovered. I can tell you that I am always happy with a rock or unusual stone find and even the smallest stones sometimes come in handy.

This is a picture of a rock in our front garden that we dug up while digging a hole for an evergreen shrub. In former years it made a nice seat for the little ones and also served as a well liked playground for little boys who love to play with their car toys.

Nowadays it’s resting on the same place but beneath an evergreen shrub and in the company of other enjoyable plants.

Gardening Joy…

One of my fondest and most time consuming hobbies since my retirement is gardening. Throughout the three garden seasons I tend to my gardens almost every day. If I could garden during the winter season, I most likely would.

So, combined with the help from my own garden experience, books, photos, cyber searching and my You Tube garden favorites on my YouTube channel I hope to make this garden blog interesting and enjoyable for others to read and to increase my garden experience at the same time. Personally I find gardening most fascinating, relaxing, healthy, a good workout and a feast for the eye.

Gardening allows us many fabulous ways to explore nature and adds more beauty and tranquility to our lives. One can create a small or large garden around the house or cottage, become a member of a community garden, explore container or water gardening, especially if you live in an apartment, etc. You don’t have to have a green thumb; just determination to go on when something has gone wrong without that you have to grab deep in your pockets to pay your way out of it. So never ever blame yourself, garden blunders are happening so you can improve the garden and yourself.  The beauty is that things just happen to every gardener, it’s never a dull time and the good times are often overwhelming and sweet, especially if you happen to plant strawberries 🙂