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Gardening Joy…

March 11, 2012

One of my fondest and most time consuming hobbies since my retirement is gardening. Throughout the three garden seasons I tend to my gardens almost every day. If I could garden during the winter season, I most likely would.

So, combined with the help from my own garden experience, books, photos, cyber searching and my You Tube garden favorites on my YouTube channel I hope to make this garden blog interesting and enjoyable for others to read and to increase my garden experience at the same time. Personally I find gardening most fascinating, relaxing, healthy, a good workout and a feast for the eye.

Gardening allows us many fabulous ways to explore nature and adds more beauty and tranquility to our lives. One can create a small or large garden around the house or cottage, become a member of a community garden, explore container or water gardening, especially if you live in an apartment, etc. You don’t have to have a green thumb; just determination to go on when something has gone wrong without that you have to grab deep in your pockets to pay your way out of it. So never ever blame yourself, garden blunders are happening so you can improve the garden and yourself.  The beauty is that things just happen to every gardener, it’s never a dull time and the good times are often overwhelming and sweet, especially if you happen to plant strawberries 🙂


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